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Chill, Drink, Dance : Make memories that’ll last

Let's face it, there will come a time or already it has been happening that all of your friends have been living busy lives with no time to text, call and have a proper get-together to reminisce and have a hangout of some sort due to work, family and other excuses people have to find in order to not seem like you’re ditching plans just because. We’re in the digital age now and most of our friendships have been hanging by a thread because either our texting game isn’t strong or we've been so invested with work that we've just forgotten to unmute our group chats. Even a rich wise man once said that he has no time for friends and doesn't even need friends because he’s been really busy and had to sacrifice his friends and family so that he can work with no interruption or distraction and become rich and successful. That advice is completely ridiculous as in the end when you're about to pass away, people will only remember the memories, not your bank balance.

Hence do not put your remaining life to waste and take a moment to plan the greatest vacation with your friends so you can spend the rest of your life reliving those memories. The resort at Kshetra Farm can give you that beautiful staycation with tons of modern amenities. It is isolated with serenity so you can peacefully enjoy the pleasantries and gossip amongst your friends about who’s in a relationship with whom or who’s getting married or employed with the bonfire in the middle and one guy playing an instrument. Imagine spending a weekend or a whole week with just your friends like back in your teenage days.

You will even have the opportunity to embrace nature as the resort comes with farm plantations and gardening included with acres of green to walk on. The activities involve a nature camp outing where you can trek through a labyrinth of woods. Soak yourselves in their rain system installed with speakers having impeccable sound systems, psychedelic lights, and automated showers so you can have a lovely rain dance with your friends. The definition of party hard is this resort as music can be loud, water is abundant, and the food provided is nothing short of a delicacy. For how long would you be having to commute to theatres just to watch a new movie on a big screen with surround sound and also be quiet to not disturb the other viewers. Kshetra Farm Resort has a huge 35 mm outdoor cinema screen where you can watch movies, shows, or sports and even have the freedom to provide commentary when a particular scene is going on as loud as you want. You can take a dive in their swimming pools and race or just lie on your back and chill with a couple of drinks in your hand, anything goes.

And after having a long day of being outside and engaging in fun activities with your friends, everyone needs a comfy and cozy place to call it a night. Kshetra Resort makes no mistake in the hospitality and services they provide to their guests. The rooms are spacious and built with exquisite architecture. They even have a restaurant so you can dine-in on a variety of Indian and International cuisine that also comes with minimalistic but also modern ambiance so you can eat and appreciate the surroundings and also have peace of mind. Drink like there’s no tomorrow and spend your night intoxicated for there’s no limit to your enjoyment. After a lovely weekend or a week of vacation, you’ll be left with joyous memories and tons of images, literal or mental to reminisce and have a sense of nostalgia when looking back to this day.